My name is Brea and I am a wife, mother and recovering sugar addict.  I started my fitness journey back in 2014.  I wrote a few Blog entries along the way for the gym, Revitalize Fitness, where I train.  I have lost 90 pound and completed in 2 NPC Figure Competitions and 2 Spartan races.  These last 3 years I have been focused on not only physical changes but working on my mental relationship with food.   I found it super easy to do the physical work but the mental work has been much more of a challenge.  I posted my older blog entries because they speak to my emotional and secret eating.  I now have that under control but I am fully aware that it is something I will continually need to work through.

With this new Blog I hope to share more about my health and fitness journey.  Sharing recipes that I love, exercise tips, food prepping and so much more.  If there is something specific you would like to hear about please contact me 🙂

Love and Lift,