Finding Balance: Exercise


Last week I posted some of my tips and tricks for nutrition. Today, I want to follow-up with some tips and tricks for exercising. I think it is most important to find something that you love to do. That actually gets you excited so you don’t want to quit.  Is it always easy, exciting and fun? No.  Working out is hard work, but it is rewarding. You will end up sweaty, sore and with a few bruises but you will not break. You will feel better, stronger and more confident.  You will push yourself and at some point achieve more then you ever planned.  I love strength and cardio training; my husband initially fell in love with long distance running.  I have friends that love Cross-Fit, biking, swimming, Spartan races, at home workouts, group exercise and so much more.  The point is MOVE, move your body and you will be rewarded.  Here are some tips and tricks.


  • Schedule exercise into your day and commit to yourself. Whether you are going to the gym or working out at home:
    • Put it on your calendar at work or home
    • Tell your family the schedule
    • Don’t make excuses
  • If you cannot commit to yourself commit to someone else.
    • Workout partner-friend, spouse, family member
    • Trainer (this is what finally worked for me)
    • Group exercise class
  • If plans change, you have to change your plan. You may have planned to go to the gym, but something came up. Pintrest is a database of everything and anything. Look up a workout and get it done while the kids play or dinner cooks. Three 10 minute workouts throughout the day is better than no workout at all. MAKE IT HAPPEN, no excuse. Sometimes I turn on the music loud have a dance party with my kids, awesome cardio!
  • Kids love to see you active, I guarantee they will join in the workout. The more you exercise in front of them they will get used to the routine and jump in with you, or get busy with something else.
  • Get active everywhere. Kids at the park? Play with them. Kids at practice? Set your timer and do some cardio. Lunchbreak at work? Bring your lunch and take a walk.
  • Follow a fitness calendar, there are lots of good fitness workouts online. Print some out and do one each day. Some of my favorites are from and
  • Apps, we all live on our phones so use and app to help you. My favorite right now is called Seconds, it’s a timer that you can use for a HIIT, Tabata or round workout. Another great one is 7 Minute Workout, great for those that are busy and have to break up their workouts throughout the day.

Lastly, this does not directly relate to exercise. Express your goal! Shout it from the rooftop; post it on Facebook, Instagram, or post-it somewhere in the house.  Once you tell people what you are committed to doing, you are more likely to actually follow through! For me this was a huge part of the process.  I’m a leader and I don’t like to fail.  Speaking my goal – fitness competition, Spartan race, triathlon (future goal)— makes it easier for me to go to my workouts, stick to my food plan and say “no thank you” if someone offers me a treat.  Your goal may be as simple as “get into my old jeans” or “run around with my kids” (both past goals I had). Talk about them, talk about how you will get there and who can help you achieve those goals.  Let us hear you talk about them right now!  Comment below and we can all cheer you on!


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